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"I was incredibly fortunate to find Raewyn! I was searching the internet for help as I was experiencing all sorts of aches and pains and had had chronic pain in my neck and shoulder for a number of years.
It was starting to really get me down and I was beginning to imagine a more serious health condition might be at play. To read my list of symptoms in Raewyn's online write-up, and to hear that relief might be gained in a gentle and unobtrusive way, gave me a glimmer of hope. Raewyn has integrated her skills in Feldenkrais, Ortho Bionomy, Craniosacral work etc to resolve my issues. All done gently, lying on a couch fully clothed. I don't know how Raewyn does it. I often wonder, but then just stop asking questions and let Raewyn perform miracles! Along the way Raewyn has also helped me resolve migraines and dry eyes.
I cannot thank Raewyn enough for her warmth, professionalism and incredible skills. I never imagined I could feel so well again."


"As a consequence of suffering from MS for over 20 years I've personal experience of many kinds of therapy; physiotherapy, chiropractice, osteopathy, acupuncture and more, but without doubt Raewyn Morrison, a qualified Feldenkrais masseur, has provided me with the greatest relief. 
I've been seeing Raewyn for nearly two years now and during that time I've noticed significant improvements in my gait and posture. The improvements have been gradual and cumulative. The Feldenkrais method provides deceptively gentle massage. None of the chiropractor's aggressive interventions, nor the osteopath's heavy pummelling. Rather, Raewyn has with great skill reminded my body of how to walk and stand correctly, and in so doing has even reactivated some nerves that I thought were dormant.
In short, Raewyn has a profound knowledge of how the body works, and in applying her knowledge has greatly improved my quality of life. Let's hope that one day, like physiotherapy, the Feldenkrais approach will be incorporated within the NHS.

Dr Paul


"Raewyn is magic! I don't know how she does it; the treatment is non-invasive and imperceptible but I always feel better & often the pains go away quickly"

"The treatment was much more effective at helping to relieve tight muscles and reduced mobility and movement, than anything I had previously tried. It has greatly helped me to manage pain and improved the quality of my life."

"I was in agony with pain at the back of my head and just after one session with Raewyn found tremendous relief. I would thoroughly recommend her as a therapist."

"I first went to Raewyn Morrison after the death of my father and the problems I had with my back consequent to that. Not only did she relieve these problems, but also after just a few sessions, I found other unforeseen (by me) benefits:
- a niggling problem with sciatica abated.
- a lifelong condition of legs which ache with horrid regularity has all but disappeared.
I see Raewyn about once every six or seven weeks and feel I really benefit from this regime. The service is friendly and relaxed, yet professional, and I have no reservations in recommending this therapy and Raewyn as a rare practitioner of it."


"I whole-heartedly recommend Ortho-Bionomy. I have been going to Raewyn Morrison for several years and my sessions with her are invaluable. I have a desk job, which involves a lot of computer work, and I tend to raise my right shoulder until it sticks. Regular Ortho-Bionomy sessions correct the problems, and prevent them building up into serious back pain. I've also been treated for back pain following a heavy fall, and I wouldn't want to go to anyone else."

"For over five years I have regularly taken up sessions with Raewyn using her Holistic Massage and Ortho-Bionomy skills. She listens and is attentive to the issues you bring and suggests treatment to fit the occasion rather than a standard treatment, which may have fewer benefits. She is the consummate professional and you can be assured that your personal details are treated with the utmost confidentiality."
Elaine W

"I have been seeing Raewyn for over 15 years, sometimes for specific problems such as lower back pain and sciatica but also for on-going 'maintenance' to help cope with the stresses and strains of life. The great thing about Raewyn apart from feeling that you are in really capable hands is that depending on the situation, she can use a wide range of therapies such as Ortho-Bionomy; Feldenkrais and Craniosacral to provide a truly holistic approach that is really effective. I see Raewyn once a month without fail and for me she is one of the people that I depend on to help me cope with life!"

"I have been receiving Orthobionomy from Raewyn Morrison for over a year with positive results. I have come to rely on regular Orthobionomy as the only treatment ever to have relieved my symptoms and improve my state of health generally.
Raewyn is a very caring practitioner and dedicated to her work, she has helped me to have a positive outlook on life."

Elaine C

"I became interested in the Feldenkrais Method because of a postural problem. I am an oboist (of enthusiastic beginner standard) and was most aware of this problem when I was playing. So I did an internet search for therapies that help musicians with posture and after a few clicks I came across Raewyn Morrison's name as a practitioner working in Sheffield.
In my first session I told Raewyn I was getting a stiff neck whilst playing. The stiffness restricted my 'embouchure', the relaxed and flexible mouth posture that wind instrumentalists require. Raewyn took a detailed case history. This gave her background and me the permission to refer to other matters (beside the presenting issue) in later sessions. Raewyn gave me guidance on which of Feldenkrais's many exercises to practice. I liked the opportunity to keep something going between sessions. I benefited from her advising me to avoid the more exhausting exercises.
We discussed everyday stress that contributed to my neck pain. Raewyn suggested smooth ways to rise from a chair which I now use routinely.
I now work as a social worker but I also qualified as a shiatsu practitioner. I trusted Raewyn's touch from the beginning. With this trust it was possible for sessions to go beyond educating my body to be more efficient mechanically. Gradually I raised issues that called for her knowledge of Craniosacral therapy.
During the year of seeing Raewyn she applied subtle pressure, and I always felt more relaxed after seeing her and more grounded.
I have just revisited the opening chapters of Awareness Through Movement by Feldenkrais. He writes beautifully about holistic health. I can vouch that Raewyn Morrison has helped me to address the matters he raises, in particular being mindful of the connection between being mindful of habits in the social and physical body."


"Stress can affect the body in so many ways. I was recommended Raewyn by a friend after a period of debilitating illness brought on by a very stressful situation at work. First of all the muscles in my gut went into spasm and then I started to experience severe cramping in my legs, the muscles of which failed to function properly so I could hardly walk. This was exasperated by damage I had done to my spine many months earlier attempting a simple Pilates exercise (I had never previously suffered any back trouble whatsoever).
When I first visited Raewyn, I was in a very bad way but very quickly, she readjusted things so that I could walk again and after a few months of fortnightly sessions was back to normal. In fact better than normal because she was able to work on other areas of tension and stress within my body of which I was totally unaware.
My job is still very stressful and also physically demanding (I work in animal rescue) and, since I am no longer young, I regularly visit Raewyn to keep my body in tune. I cannot recommend her highly enough."


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