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Movement Lesson    -  Michelle Turner


Movement Lesson with Michelle Turner

Michelle Turner created Movement Lesson to help babies and children with special needs and developmental issues.

Movement Lesson uses gentle touch and the principles of counter balance and rotation to stimulate the nervous, muscular and skeletal system.

Michelle  developed Movement Lesson to help her own child who was globally delayed. Then after helping her child went on to teach and train others on Movement Lesson both professionals and parents around the world

I trained with Michelle Turner in the United Kingdom between 2018 -2020 and became a certified practitioner in Movement Lesson in November 2020

Spontaneous feed back from parents

Parents feedback two days after their babies first session with me, their baby had been struggling with chromosomes issues, movement and meeting her milestones:

"I'm so excited and happy, she has turned over on her own, and then turned over again and again"

Baby with Toys
Little Girl
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